Sunday, January 17, 2010


So the Macy's catalog arrived today, and on the back cover what do I see? The most wonderful couch in the world. Actually it was a sectional but I went on the website to find the full collection and my oh my is it beautiful.

I love that it's traditional without being too stuffy. The rolled arms and tufted back are lovely details. And exposed legs! I love exposed legs. So classy.

A few downsides though. It's leather. It's expensive ($1,200 for the loveseat, on SALE!). It's only available at Macy's and therefor not available in Canada. Sure sure there are ways around this but the logistics are ridiculous and of course that's only going to increase its price.

But everything else about it is exactly what I want. This always happens to me!

Also, Boyfriend seems to be opposed to lighter colored upholstery. As much as I would love a light, bright, white living room, we're going to have to compromise. Perhaps I can dissuade him from a dark couch by showing him how to balance the light couch with some darker pieces around it.

Though we kind of need an apartment first anyway.

|image: Macy's

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