Monday, February 8, 2010

Looking up!

I have some good news. This morning on my way to class I got a phone call from an aquatics coordinator that I have been courting for a job. We had a quick chat and he offered me a phone interview for next weekend. This is exciting mostly because it's for an Assistant Pool Manager position and not just a lifeguard. I'm glad that he seems to show little concern that all my work experience and certifications are from the States, even though I will be Canadian certified before I get there. Anyway! Should be good. Fingers crossed!

The next exciting news is in the apartment search. Y. and I found a place we like in the Cote-des-Neiges/Notre-Dame-de-Grace region of Montreal. We put in an application to rent and deposit last week and are just waiting back to hear if we got it!!

Photos you say? But of course!

It's just been remodeled so we'd be the first to live in it after it's been completed. The floors look nice and there's lots of light, so I'm excited! Plus we'll be allowed to paint, so I'm really looking forward to working with a shiny, new blank slate.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apartment Hunting

I seem to have lost a bit of my steam. Our search for apartments is seemingly endless. At first we had found one right away and were really excited about it, but another applicant had an insider connection with the janitor and got their application in first. What was more infuriating was the rental agency tried to tell us they never got our application in spite of it being emailed to them. So that was a bit of a blow and we were both really bummed about that. But onward we continue, and we've found a few that we'll hopefully get a chance to look at this week.

In the meantime, it's hard to get excited about the apartment and plan the interior when we don't even have a place yet. Even just hypothetically planning with units I liked, the layouts are so cramped and narrow, I can't imagine having a truly well designed room. It's almost as if all apartments in Montreal are the same... parquet floors, narrow salons leading to a small little balcony.

I'd really love to find something with a little more charm, like crown molding and French doors. It seems they are few and far between in Montreal, and when you can find them they're over budget.

Being on the opposite side of the continent isn't helping either. I send all the links of the apartments that I like to Y. and he calls them up and schedules a time to go see them. I feel a little helpless out here.

Will we ever find something?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


So the Macy's catalog arrived today, and on the back cover what do I see? The most wonderful couch in the world. Actually it was a sectional but I went on the website to find the full collection and my oh my is it beautiful.

I love that it's traditional without being too stuffy. The rolled arms and tufted back are lovely details. And exposed legs! I love exposed legs. So classy.

A few downsides though. It's leather. It's expensive ($1,200 for the loveseat, on SALE!). It's only available at Macy's and therefor not available in Canada. Sure sure there are ways around this but the logistics are ridiculous and of course that's only going to increase its price.

But everything else about it is exactly what I want. This always happens to me!

Also, Boyfriend seems to be opposed to lighter colored upholstery. As much as I would love a light, bright, white living room, we're going to have to compromise. Perhaps I can dissuade him from a dark couch by showing him how to balance the light couch with some darker pieces around it.

Though we kind of need an apartment first anyway.

|image: Macy's

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



My name is Megan, and in just 10 short weeks I will be graduating from university in Washington State and heading east to Quebec, Canada to finally be with my boyfriend and start a new life in Montreal with him. I'm incredibly excited about this new chapter in my life, so I wanted to create a blog to share this adventure with the world. I'll be recording my inspirations and ideas as we put together our new apartment while separated by a continent, the trials and tribulations of immigrating to another country, and then life in Montreal after I finally arrive around the beginning of April.

It may only be January, but I have an incredible ability to daydream and a love for planning, so I can assure you there will be plenty to write about before moving day!

Stay tuned!

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