Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A change in seasons...

Oh my goodness! Labor Day has passed and suddenly the whirlwind of summer is over. The leaves here in Montreal are already turning various shades of yellow, red, and brown and have even started to pile up on the streets. The weather took a sharp turn from blazing hot to cool, cloudy, and a little rainy. There's no denying it - fall is on its way!

Apologies for my absence, I had been working seven days a week at the pool! We've now closed for the winter things are slowing down to a pace I'm better suited for... at least until I hear from my new employer!

Not much has changed around here. Y. was gone for most of the summer and I was so busy I had neither time nor energy for shopping and decorating! There have been a few improvements though... our living room finally looks like a living room... matching bedside tables that still need to be painted to match the rest of the furniture... and lovely tall, gray curtains for the dining room (which also needs to be painted).

Alors, onto some photos!

New gray curtains, plus our corner mini-bar area. We'd eventually like to install some shelves (something like this) above to hang wine glasses and store more bottles of adult beverages. Also looking to paint the walls a pale yellow and add some small horizontal molding.

Love, love my little bistro set! Didn't spend as much time out here as I would have liked, plus our street is so noisy. :(

The current state of the living room. Still waiting on a nice big rug that isn't too expensive and trying to find some textile that will inspire a color scheme for the room, since everything is still neutral!

Happy fall everyone!

<3 Megan
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