Thursday, March 25, 2010

there and back again

I've just returned to my hometown in Washington State after 11 lovely days setting up the new apartment in Montreal. I somehow managed to get three suitcases and a cat into the country without having to go through Immigration or receiving a visitor record. I couldn't believe it! So now my work visa has yet to be activated and I can use for its full six months once I return in a couple weeks. I would have just stayed in Montreal, but due to some red tape I have to take my Canadian lifeguard course on the west coast, where I've been allowed to skip several steps in obtaining this certification since I'm already a lifeguard in the States.

Anyway! The place is still quite barren and we were only just getting some of the many problems taken care of my final days there. The building owner is unfortunately very cheap and hires the most inexpensive workers he can find, so many things in our apartment either weren't finished or poorly done. If Y. and I didn't love it so much we might be more inclined to find someplace else to live, but we're willing to be persistent and get the apartment we want!

Furniture hunting has been a challenge, particularly because most Canadian stores don't provide online shopping. We've had a few lucky finds from sights like Kijiji and Craigslist, and for other items we plan to go a more commercial route.

Currently we have our lovely pillowtop mattress (it is a dream, let me tell you!), the large Hemnes dresser from Ikea in white (found it used on Craigslist and got it for less than half its retail price!) a wonderful dark pedestal table and matching chairs for the dining room, and a quality, solid wood coffee table.

We're still on the hunt for the perfect couch. We were THISCLOSE to buying this couch but after inspecting it in person we were a little disappointed by the details and that it doesn't come in white. I was stunned to see Y. wanting a white couch over beige! I'm still hoping we can find something close to that leather beauty I found at Macy's.

We're also still completely up in the air on color schemes, aside from our bedroom. Y. brought me home a lovely little rug back from a "business trip" to Afghanistan and we've decided to pull our colors from that. As for the rest of the apartment... who knows. I'm waiting to find a fabric swatch or piece of art that I fall in love with for the living room. In the dining room I'd love to do something dramatic and colorful, but Y. really likes the idea of buttery Pottery Barn-esque walls. Oh, decisions!

Photos, shall we?

The lovely rug. Sorry for the terribly photo quality, I took this picture with my cell phone!

I took this picture the day we got our internet and cable hooked up. We were so excited that we pulled two of our dining chairs from the kitchen to sit and watch TV! It certainly wasn't very comfortable after awhile... the new couch is a priority!

My cat, Eloise, pretending to be a person at the kitchen table.

My new design bibles! I'm ordering a subscription as a housewarming present to myself :)
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