Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Adventure in Thrifting

Is it already December? What happened?

Things have been moving right along in furnishing-this-apartment land. In fact the other day we found an excellent, adorable, and cozy little armchair to sit underneath the windows in the living room. Best part? Only 15 bucks! It because a little more uh, emotionally more expensive when we went to go pick it up at 8pm on a freezing Quebec evening only to find that it wouldn't fit through the compact little doorways of our Mazda 3.

After having gotten the measurements from the seller a few days earlier, I noted it was just a couple inches wider than our two little accent chairs, and we got both of those nestled together in the backseat. I thought, surely this chair won't be a problem! Boy was I wrong.

After attempting every possible rotation and maneuver to get the chair in the car, while shivering our butts off, no less, we finally conceded that it would have to go in the trunk. The trunk, you say? Our kind seller, who works as a pompier in the city, dug through his garage and found first a jump rope... and then some proper thick boat rope. With the back seats folded down opening the trunk into the cabin, and the chair dangling precariously over the edge, we strapped it in and Y. used his inherent man-knowledge to make fancy knots and loops. The chair was secure!

As we set off into the night, trunk flap wide open and freezing air rushing into the car cabin, I was thrilled about our ability to overcome that obstacle and utterly amused by the absurdity of the situation. Y, on the other hand, did not find it nearly as humorous as I. Maybe because he and the pompier were the ones doing all the work while I huddled in the front seat and tried to preserve my heat.

Nevertheless! The chair is here, safe and sound, and did not fall out of the trunk on the highway.

Eloise has already claimed it as her new favorite chair, and has marked her territory with a never-ending layer of fur. Thanks!
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