Monday, October 25, 2010

Finalement! Un bureau...

After a relentless six month search full of countless deals that fell through and disappointments, we found and, more significantly, brought home a desk! Voila:

I'm so excited we finally have somewhere to sit and work! The shape and style is exactly what we were looking for. Nothing too huge or bulky. She has nice trim legs and a single row of drawer storage. Perfect!

As much as I would love to lacquer this baby in crisp white paint, Y. has insisted upon sanding her down and staining her a nice dark brown to match the rest of our furniture. Maybe we can replace the hardware too, hmmm.

She's not very well styled at the moment, but frankly we having nothing to put on her really, and I don't want to start buying organization stuff until I have a better idea how we'll be using her.

As for that world map above the desk, I've had the intent from day one to mount it on a large cork board so we can pin all the places we've been. Cork boards that size, however, are around 50 bucks and I've continually pushed it down the priority list. Now that we actually have a desk I might have to bump it up a bit...

A la prochaine!

xoxo Megan

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